Rights of Parents. 3 key mistakes to avoid

Violating Custody or Visitation Orders – it’s in the parent’s best interest to obey the court’s directives. If you would like to change your custody arrangement after it’s finalised, you should demonstrate a significant change in circumstances in order to justify a revision. This can be difficult and frequently results in a breach of orders when parents make unilateral decisions and take actions that violate the custody order.

Failing to Respond – whether by mistake or as a result of work-related duties, parents frequently neglect to respond to court actions involving child custody. What many parents do not consider is that failing to answer will result in a “default judgement.” This typically means that the other party’s request will be granted. In some circumstances, a court may issue supplementary judgements that it deems necessary and appropriate.

Signing an unfavourable Settlement Agreement – when parents are provided with inaccurate information, they frequently sign unfavourable settlement agreements. It is critical to thoroughly analyse paperwork and agreements before signing them, as overturning settlements is sometimes impossible.

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