Property Settlement

Many divorcing couples are surprised by how Western Australian law divides the property. Some people assume that whatever they brought with them into the marriage is what they will take when the relationship is over.

Specific rules are governing marital property division after a couple decides to divorce. Having experienced legal representation while you and your former partner sort out your property is crucial. A great deal rides on presenting the court with a fair division of assets for you to try and go through the process alone.

Allegra Family Lawyers have years of experience making sure their clients receive a fair share of property after the divorce.

Understanding Family Dispute Resolution and Your Property Agreement

Ending a marriage (or de facto partnership) is an emotionally traumatic experience. Housing, childcare, and division of assets are factors that can upset the most amicable separations. However, amid the distress, you still have a pressing need to take action regarding your day-to-day existence.

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