Family Law

When a marriage or de facto relationship that includes children ends, everyone must learn to live with some significant changes. While most parents try to keep their children’s world as steady as possible, there is no way around the upheaval caused by divorce.

At Allegra Family Lawyers, we understand the painful challenges you face as you try to build a new normal life for yourself and your children. That is why you need legal counsel when you and your soon to be ex-spouse work out your parenting plans and the child custody arrangements. Even divorces that start on peaceful terms can become emotionally charged when children are involved.

When finalising these arrangements, Western Australian Family Court puts the children’s best interest above all other factors. Every effort is made to allow shared custody as long as there is no potential for harm to the child.

Family Lawyers and Divorce

The majority of marriages begin with a sense of joyful hope for a lifetime of love together. Over time, the struggles of life begin to take their toll until the partners decide the best course of action is to end the marriage. It is an unfortunate fact that around one-third of all Australian marriages will end in divorce.

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