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It is difficult to accept sometimes, but life can change in the blink of an eye. When these changes involve the ending of a marriage or de facto relationship, it is a traumatic time for everyone involved.

Whether you suspected your relationship was on the rocks or if your partner’s desire to end your marriage is a massive shock, you need to make good decisions based on facts. Support from those around you is lovely. However, your mum’s best friend’s mechanic is not your best source for legal advice.

Sound and compassionate legal counsel from skilled professionals is what you need.
At Allegra Family Lawyers, we are experienced in the various facets of Family Law.
Our team will offer you support and sound legal advice. We also will make sure you receive fair treatment when it comes to settlements and child custody arrangements.

At Allegra Family Lawyers, our focus is helping you take the first steps on your new life path.

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Couple separation process.

Understanding Family Dispute Resolution and Your Property Agreement

Ending a marriage (or de facto partnership) is an emotionally traumatic experience. Housing, childcare, and division of assets are factors that can upset the most amicable separations. However, amid the distress, you still have a pressing need to take action regarding your day-to-day existence.

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Family Lawyers and Divorce

The majority of marriages begin with a sense of joyful hope for a lifetime of love together. Over time, the struggles of life begin to take their toll until the partners decide the best course of action is to end the marriage. It is an unfortunate fact that around one-third of all Australian marriages will end in divorce.