Christina Yi

Allegra Family Lawyers

Christina is the Legal Practitioner Director/Founder of Allegra Family Lawyers. She has been working within the legal industry since 2007 and her main practise area is Family Law. Prior to opening up her own practice, Christina was the Legal Practitioner for a Western Australian firm and then for a national firm in Queensland. She decided to open up her own firm because she wanted to practise on her own terms, by providing flexible and affordable legal services to everyone. She believes all people should have access to the law, no matter their status or financial position.

Christina is passionate about family law and her work, and loves to help people. She specifically loves family law because family is a cornerstone of society. Everyone, doesn’t matter where they come from, what they do, how they’ve grown up has a family in whatever shape or form. Separation is an extremely difficult time for someone and she thoroughly enjoys that she can help during this period in someone’s life.

Christina has a no-nonsense approach when dealing with matters and provides clients with straight forward advice. Christina’s clients often comment on her friendly personality and her personal touch in dealing with their matters. She is honest, reliable and client focussed. Her compassionate nature drew her into the area of family law and she leads the firm with an emphasis on compassion.