3 Tips on How to Act in Family Court

Be polite to the judge and the other side
Respecting the court entails more than merely using a specific tone of voice, waiting for your turn to speak, and not cursing. It is also related to your appearance and demeanour. Interrupting the judge or the opposing party is the quickest way to irritate a judge. There will be no need to interrupt since everyone will get a chance to speak.

Never mislead or lie before the court

Once a judge is convinced that your information is untrustworthy, it will affect the course of your case. If you want to “win” child custody, for example, your credibility is crucial. If your position on a specific subject is weak, accept it, present your best argument and evidence to back it up, and move on. If you lie, the judge will remember it.

Address the Court, not the opposing lawyer or party

Do not bend over to look at the other side, point to the other side, whisper to them, or chat with them during your hearing. It is not only improper and impolite to the court, but it may look like you are attempting to threaten your ex. This is particularly crucial if you have been accused of domestic abuse and want to defend yourself.

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