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Allegra Family Lawyers was founded on the premise that everyone should be able to receive legal advice and representation. We pride ourselves in being able to provide everyone with a 1 hour FREE initial consultation, where we will be able to assess your matter and provide you with advice including options on how to resolve your matter.  At the end of the consult, you will have a clear picture of where you stand and the options available to you.

We believe that you should speak to us first, before deciding on whether we are a good fit for you and your matter.

Affordable, Fixed-fee


Our fees are affordable and our team is always happy to discuss payment plan options.

We will usually be able to forecast the initial fees to get your matter started at the first consultation. Our fees are transparent and you will always know what you are paying for.

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Why a Free Consultation?

Most firms charge an initial consultation fee, however, we believe that you should be provided with preliminary advice before you consider retaining our firm. We firmly believe that you should speak to us first, before deciding whether we are a good fit for you and your matter. After the initial consultation, you will know where you stand, what options you have and the estimate of fees, so that you know what you are paying for. 

Why The Name?

Allegra is derived from the musical term “Allegro”, meaning lively and fast. Our founder, Christina, was an avid pianist once upon a time and just like the musical term, she works on each matter actively, swiftly and also effectively.”